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crackfickery's Journal

Mockery Fockery
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OH TEH FUN! TEH CRAZIES! Wanna join up for somma dat??

By all means, please do!!
This is an Elijah Wood centric crack!fic community, wherein silliness shall and will occur. Here's the down low, folkage.

***ALL posts must have Elijah involved someway, somehow. Any actor, even if he's never starred with them can be involved, but the main objective is to have the poor boy slaughtered by sillies. Not the PUNK'D kind, lol, just... us and our whacked out imaginations.
***While slash!fic is preferred, females can enter the picture too, just as long as it's sexy and fun.
***"Challenge Posts" will be put up every so often, involving the 'start' of a crackfic that anyone else can follow up on. The aim is to have as MANY PEOPLE COMMENT to continue an overly funny, silly, whacked out plot that goes on and on into the 18th gate of hell (crack!fickers go there, sorry guys.)
***ANYONE can make these posts, not just mods. That's the fun of it. Gotta crazy tiny idea and ya wanna see it take off by others as well? GO FOR IT. Encourage your inner Loki to mess, mess, and mess some more with your wildest plots and scenes.

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