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Taking a small break from the story here...

... to do a bitto' crack!fic, inspired by frodosweetstuff's post, involving a cutiepie!Lij/fuckmyerectionhe'ssoHAWT!Sean pic... I'd never noticed this before... LOL....

Title: Oops, it Did it Again
Rating: I dunno. It's crack!fic, can't be TOO um... well, I dunno. It's gonna involve a bit of Sean's thoughts on why his "member" won't stay still, so...

***Join me!! :P***

Peter: So yea, you'd be Frodo (points to Lij) and you'd be Sam (points to Sean).
Lij: OMG that is so teh roxxors.
Peter: I know.
Sean: (thinking) OMG... shit, my dick...
Lij: Damn, let me read this line again... I wanna practice it... (leans over book 'twixt he and Sean, making Sean swallow)
Sean: (thinking) He's leaning near me. I smell his cologne and hair. Christine, I love you, oh our children are so wonderful. I'm so happy with you. I'm so hetero. Fuck his skin and eyes, no, I don't want any of that. Let me just adjust my growing schlong a bit so it doesn't rip through my zipper.
Lij: I LOVE this line... (looks to Sean with the most soulful, gorgeous gaze) 'I'm glad you're with me, Sam... here at the end... of all things...'
Peter: Wow Lij, you're great at that. I'm so glad I hired you for this.
Lij: Thanks!
Sean: (thinking, thinking, thinking) I just came in my jeans. I did. Oh fucking hell.
Lij: Well this is very cool. We start next week, huh? (looks to Sean with a bright, wide smile, more glistening blues shooting into Sean's skin, into his brain and blood and still hard cock.) Let's go to my place and practice! I think the 'tower scene' is gonna need LOTS of practice! Pete, is there any rope we can borrow so Sean can tie me up- oh, and we might need some makeup to do it all really awesome...
Sean: (thinking more) Gluffynummah, ping ping fleep.
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