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C'mon now folksies.

Well, first post was a total BUST. *pouts*
Here's another.

"Shire Pie"
Frodo/Sam, whoever else happens to come along

Sam: A'right Mr. Frodo, just finished clipping the hedges, I'm in need of a drink, what're you doing?
Frodo: (jumping back from the kitchen table yet doesn't turn around; looks over his shoulder to Sam while his hands seem busy in front of him) What what what Sam?
Sam: (befuddled, blinking) What... are ye doin'?
Frodo: Oh NOTHING, oh OW...
Sam: (concerned) Ye a'right, Mr. Frodo??
Frodo: (plastering his front to the table) I'm so all right Sam, it's not even funny.
Sam: (frowning in confusion at the table; points to a destroyed blackberry pie) What happened??
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